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Increase Yield

Increase Profit

Decrease Energy Usage

Super Durable

Hassle-Free Warranty

The product is covered for defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years, including repair parts/labor, on the defective product from the date of the manufacturer invoice. The manufacturer does not cover any other loss whatsoever resulting from product failure. Upon Buyer’s return of the product for warranty repair with our original receipt, the product must display the original serial number; Removal of the serial number, tampering, incorrect use, improper installation, removal of product identifiers, etc., voids the product’s limited five-year warranty.


Our technologically-advanced COB LED lighting can significantly increase crop production while reducing energy costs and providing a rapid realized return on investment. The honest color spectrum of the CannaCube TM is custom-tuned to provide optimal levels of the specific light needed to support your plants complex flowering phases.

The spectrally-tuned CannaCube TM can be installed in greenhouses, hobby farms or indoor commercial grows in a wide variety of heights and configurations including a 5-foot x 5-foot area with optional reflector. Our engineering services can offer full custom light plot layouts and assistance in how to integrate into your grow. The CannaCube’s LED high PAR output, superior spectral quality, versatility and flexibility is a cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting solution superior to traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures.

Amazing results in fruit health,  yield increases of 10 to 30%, all achieved while reducing your expensive lighting and your air conditioning costs up to 75% on average!


  • LEDs: 6 High-output LED COB emitters

  • Lumens: 38,000+

  • Light Dispersion: Adjustable via Optional Reflectors

  • Dimming: Down to 10% Light Intensity; Compatible with Building Control and Dimming Systems

  • Rated Life L70: > 100,000 Hours at 45° C


  • Power Consumption: only 406.7 Watts @ 120V and 396.1 Watts @ 277V

  • Voltage: 120-277V Auto Switching; Power Supply is Detachable with Extension Kit


  • Dimensions: 10.04″ X 10.04″ X 6.4″ without reflector

  • Housing: Powder Coated Aircraft-grade Aluminum

  • Cooling: Wet Listed Fan with > 70,000 Hour Life

  • Cables: Rugged Use, Weatherproof, UL Rated

  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 45°C

  • Mounting: Adjustable Height, Cable or Chain Ceiling Mount, Ability to Gang Fixtures from a Single Hang Point for Larger Areas


  • Custom Spectrums for all phases of growth

  • Reflectors

  • Wireless “Smart” controls

  • Custom RAL Colors available

Listings and Certifications

  • Agricultural & Horticultural Luminaries UL 1598, CSA 22.2 No. 250.0-08, UL 8800, UL 8750

  • CE Certified components – IP56 Wash Down

  • Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.; Made in U.S.A. with global materials

We are committed to helping you Grow Wiser™, grow faster and grow more!